Clinical Nurse Educator Network( LAMP chair Laura is a member of this network and presents about LAMP to the network- its a vital network to join for all those who are nurse educators), for more information:

National Elf Service, a useful site keeping individuals up to date with the latest health and social care research. Blogs regarding the latest evidence-based research, see more at:

Published on the 30th June 2015, NHS England has launched a new practical guide to help ensure the right people with the right skills are recruited into the right inpatient mental health settings.

There is a blog and discussion on safe staffing in acute inpatient mental health wards on the National Elf website:

A shortage of nurses in the UK will continue for years to come and could get worse, experts are predicting

Great video, report and resources here on New Approaches to Self-Care for Young Adults:


Mental Health Nurse Academics have published a paper on the future of mental health nursing:

A new Guild of Nurses City of London has recently been established:

Cartoon video on the 10Cs of care planning in mental health, from the viewpoint of service users, drawn from the EQUIP study by staff in Manchester and Nottingham: