The London Association of Mental Health Nursing Practice (LAMP) was set up to provide a London Wide Forum, for the various professionals who work in pre-registration mental health nurse training, to come together and collaborate on common issues and find solutions that can act as standards across London.

The association is supported by East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), City University and HEE NCEL. The association was previously managed by two nurses from East London NHS Foundation Trust: Betsy Scott and Laura Pisaneschi. The association is currently managed by Laura Pisaneschi.

LAMP is made of representatives from nine London Mental Health NHS Trusts, one independent provider and nine London Universities.

Introduction to LAMP by the previous Project Lead Betsy Scott:

Transcript to LAMP video


The overall aim of LAMP is to promote educational excellence, and includes:

  1. To provide a supportive network to mental health practice education staff
  2. To promote sharing of good practice and practice developments
  3. To promote a collaborative approach to problem-solving
  4. To develop common policies and protocols supporting the training of student nurses
  5. To support the development of practice education and practice teacher roles
  6. To support liaison and communication on a London-wide basis and beyond with universities and HEE bodies
  7. To support an integrated care approach working across professional and organisational boundaries


  • To continue the vision and initial work programme of the network
  • To undertake appropriate stakeholder engagement and communication work
  • To hold as a minimum three network meetings focusing on agreed practice education topics and the sharing of practice developments